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At Adventures N Art, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Founded in 2009, under the name Bumble Bee's Face Painting & More, we have over a decade of experience in the body art industry. Adventures N Art is committed to providing customers with safe, memorable experiences, and our quality products ensure satisfaction. We understand the importance of customer care and work hard to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer care experience possible.


Be sure to read over our Terms of Service regarding Requirements for Setup, Travel Policy and Cancellation Policy. Please make sure you are able to comply with our requirements before confirming your booking.


  • The client is responsible for following the artist's safety precautions and set-up requirements. If you have a problem providing anything in our setup requirements, please let us know so we can help accommodate prior to the event date or arrival time.

  • We are unable to paint guests UNDER THE AGE OF 2. Our products are recommended for ages 2 and up, and due to those recommendations we refuse to paint anyone under that age as skin sensitivity and safety is our top priority. 

  • We are unable to paint guests exhibiting symptoms or skin related issues; these include but are not limited to: coughing, runny nose, discolored/red eyes, mucus in eyes or nose, cuts, scabs, severely dry or cracked skin, open wounds, rashes and those with severe eczema or psoriasis, cut or busted lips. In some cases a cheek or arm painting can be provided to avoid certain areas. In most cases we avoid painting over lips, however our products are safe for this application and is used on case by case basis if the paint can be applied in a safe and hygienic manner. 

  • Accurate guest count is important. If there are more guests at the event than expected or planned for, this will result in not everyone receiving a design in the scheduled timeframe. The client will need to provide payment directly to the artist for any additional time requested in order to accommodate extra guests. However staying any additional time is at the discretion of the artist, if artist is booked for an event following your own, additional time cannot be permitted. The artists has the right to refuse last minute guest requests to remain on schedule. 

  • The client must provide and confirm accurate address and location details for the event. If we are not given accurate location details, this may result in the artist being late or lost. Clients are responsible for providing all the necessary information the artist requires in order to complete and confirm your booking confirmation.

  • If the artist is late or unable to find the event location (due to an error in the client's information) or if the client is unreachable the day of the event, we consider this a day of cancellation and the client will owe payment in full.

  • Our artist requires a space roughly 8 x 8 feet, unobstructed, while offering any body art service. Whether located indoors or outdoors, the artist must have the space provided to preform their services effectively and efficiently.

  • Our definition of inclement weather is as follows: lightning, heavy rain, winds gusts over 20mph, temperatures above 90 degrees or below 40 degrees, heat or freeze advisories.

  • A completed booking form is required for EVERY event.

  • The client officially reserves their event spot within our schedule by completing our booking form and receiving an email confirmation. By completing the form, the client has then reserved one of our professional artists for their event.

  • Depending on event location and size, deposits can be required, however the remaining balance or full payment in is to be paid on or prior to the event date.

  • If the clients event date must be changed, we can transfer the entire confirmation (and deposit) to a new date if it is within one month of the original date. A new booking form is required if further than one month out. However, we cannot guarantee the same artists' or services will be available if you must change your event date.

  • If the client cancels within 24 hours of the event, the entire balance will be owed. If the client cancels within 3 days of the event, half of the balance will be owed. The client will receive an emailed invoice for the cancellation. 

  • We do not offer refunds or omit owing final payment for any kind of inclement weather or poor air quality within an event's immediate location (including but not limited to: storms, high or low outdoor temperatures, smoke, or smog related conditions *see above.).

  • Our artists are not permitted to work during inclement weather or poor outdoor conditions. Our artists reserve the right to cancel, stop to protect equipment, and/or seek shelter if conditions deteriorate during event timeframe. 

  • Please have a back up location plan in place if your event is outdoors with no weather protection.


Adventures N Art is based in the North East Florida area, covering the following counties WITHOUT fees:

  • Clay

  • Putnam

  • Duval

  • St Johns

  • Flagler

The following counties add an additional fee of $25 (due in full with the completed event payment):

  • Baker

  • Nassau

  • Volusia

  • Bradford

  • Union

  • Alachua

  • Marion

The following counties add an additional fee of $50 and 2 hour minimum booking(due in full with the completed event payment):

  • Columbia

  • Lake

  • Levy

  • Gilchrist

  • Suwannee

  • Lafayette

  • Dixie

  • South East Georgia(Brunswick/Waycross/Stateline)


The following areas add an additional fee of $75 and 2 hour minimum booking(due in full with the completed event payment):

  • Greater Orlando

  • Greater Tallahassee 

  • South or East Georgia(Brunswick to Savannah/Waycross to Valdosta)

Payment Methods



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