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  • Can I book an artist online?
    Yes and no. You can certainly fill out our booking form and get that request in to our system but we do require to speak over phone with you to confirm the booking, service, date and time. This is in an effort to cut down on cancellations and possible fraud.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    Yes, absolutely, cancellation is free up until 48 hours before event start time. (i.e. If your event is Saturday at 4pm you have until 4pm Thursday to cancel.) If cancelling your event is necessary within 48 hours of the event start time we do request a $25 event cancellation fee. If this fee is not paid you will be unable to book again within our system.
  • Can I reschedule a booking?
    Yes as long as we are available for the date and time and not otherwise booked or unavailable. No fees are required when rebooking. If we are unavailable we may be able to pass the request on to one of our additional third party artists.
  • What are our hourly rates?
    We are not interested in hiding anything from anyone... and in fact are very open with our hourly rates. These rates include ONE service for event duration including Face Painting and Temp Tattoos. $150 for one hour events(8-14 guests). $250 for two hour events(15-25 guests). $350 for three hour events(30-40 guests). *A very basic rule is that the more time with guests the more elaborate a design can be, glitter or gems can be applied. Less time equals quick half and cheek type designs. So more kids are possible in less time but the designs with be more simplified.
  • Are our products safe?
    Our supplies are purchased from USA based companies, FDA approved and used for cosmetic or special fx makeup. We never use Acrylic or Craft Paints and Glitters, only products safe for use on skin.
  • What do we offer while face painting?
    Face painting at all events include any paints, solids, mattes, metallics and neon colors. All paints are non-toxic, cosmetic grade paint cakes, which are water activated. Most events also include cosmetic biodegradable glitter, as well as acrylic gems and decorations, applied with a special fx cosmetic skin safe glue.
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